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Murphys Fire Support Division

Murphys Fire Protection District supports a division of trained and experienced personnel, hereafter known as the Support Division, primarily to support the management/operations of the district with various tasks including major emergency incidents within the District, County, State, and Nationally.  The Support Division may consist of both volunteer and/or part-time paid members. The Support Division may also be called upon for non-emergency work which includes, but not limited to, fuels management, training, prevention, meetings and other activities directed by the Chief and/or the District Board. Members of the Support Division are at-will employees and serve at the discretion of the Fire Chief.

District Work Assignments

The Fire Chief may assign projects based on expertise to each member throughout the fiscal year.  These work assignments may consist of, but not limited to:

  • Fire Prevention                                   

  • Fire Protection Planning

  • Public Education

  • Fuels Management

  • IT Support

  • Finance/Administration

  • Grants & Agreements

  • Surplus Equipment/Property Acquisition

  • Investigations

  • Duty Coverage

  • Incident/Firefighter Support

  • Administrative Assignments

  • Incident Responses

  • Training                                              

  • Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)

  • Communications

Support Division members may participate in training at the District, County and Regional level as students, instructors or course coordinators in their areas of expertise as needed.

Support Division members may support cooperating agencies by providing expertise in various fields such as Fuels Management, IT, Finance, Fire Prevention, etc., through a contract, MOU or mutual aid agreement.

Meeting and training attendance requirements shall be set by the Fire Chief on an annual basis.  All members are required to attend meetings and trainings for the Support Division.  These meetings may consist of, but not limited to, team meetings, on-going training, and general district meetings and will be scheduled at the beginning of each year.

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